Ohel Ayalah offers a free, walk-in service to meet the needs of many Jews, in particular young Jews, who do not have a place to pray on the High Holidays, as well as frequent friendly free Friday nights and passover seders.

High Holy Days

Most synagogues require the purchase of a ticket to attend their High Holiday services. Ohel Ayalah does not. Ohel Ayalah believes the Jewish public should be able to worship at services that are free and open to all. Every Jew should be embraced. However, we respect the need of synagogues to charge fees to help defray the costs of their High Holiday services.

At Ohel Ayalah, it is possible for a Jew to wake up on Rosh Hashanah morning and say, “I feel like going to the synagogue today and being with other Jews.”

The free, walk-in service at Ohel Ayalah means that a Jew can join a celebration of the High Holidays without having to decide in advance.

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Passover Seders

Our seders take place in the large Prince George Ballroom. Sitting around tables with a spread of veggies, dips, and other snacks, we will delve into a haggadah, aptly named A Different Night. It combines traditional texts with stimulating activities, contemporary musings, and plenty of seder songs. We will read (sometimes in Hebrew and sometimes in English), sing, discuss, and debate. And also shmooze. After immersing ourselves (pun intended!) in the haggadah for about two hours, we will be served dinner buffet style (menu below). And after that, Grace, Hallel, and a lot of singing.

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