Listen to melodies for pesach recorded by Rabbi Josh Cahan.

You can listen right in this page, or download the mp3s. Page numbers correspond to A Different Night, The Family Participation Haggadah.

Ha Lachma, p. 12. Download

Avadim Hayinu, p. 16. Download

Vehi She’amda, p. 35. Download

Bechol dor vador, p. 54. Download

Venomar lefanav, p. 55 Download

Betseit Yisrael, p. 57. Download

Hodo Lashem – Psalms 117-118, p. 70. Download

Hodu Lashem – Psalm 136, p. 71. Download

Pitchu li, p. 71. Download

Ki Lo Naeh, p. 74. Download

Adir Hu, p. 75. Download

Hasal Sidur Pesach, p. 85. Download

Leshana Habaa 1 Download

Leshana Habaa 2 Download